Teens at Catalyst Church

Teens at Catalyst Church need to have a place where they can connect and grow in a Biblical environment. We provide the following ministries:

Middle School and High School:

On Sunday Mornings at Catalyst our middle and high schools students do one of two things; 1) attend the main service or 2) volunteer their time to serve in one of our children environments (Foundations or Rooted).

On Wednesdays, all middle and high school students attend Merge Student Ministry.

Merge Student Ministry:

This is our student ministry at Catalyst and is for 6th-12th grades. Merge meets on Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

The teenage years can be confusing, difficult, and challenging! But they can also be amazing times of learning, connecting and growing! Through Merge on Wednesdays at Catalyst, our teens are challenged and equipped to live for Christ while they are in their youth. Each year, teens can look forward to concerts, trips, outreach and be serving events, fun activities, and many opportunities to grow in God’s Word. We do everything within our power to provide the Bible-based wisdom to live for Christ as a teenager and the principles to make the transition to an adult. We accomplish all theses things in a relevant atmosphere that they enjoy!

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